Plastic Free Packaging

  • Smart
  • Inexpensive
  • Paper not Plastic
  • Recyclable
  • User Friendly

Other Services

Terry, our CEO, has another company called Swallow House Print that undertakes making bespoke corporate Gifts; Company Pens and Pencils, Notebooks and Diaries etc. Over the last 30 years Terry has worked with many household names as well as small companies looking for ways to make innovative products, and has built up a wide range of skills, experience and connections. He is always willing to discuss your ideas and share his knowledge to help you develop your new ideas.

Corporate Gifts

Mission Statement: Plastic free solutions

Our mission is to help companies move to plastic free, environmentally friendly packaging. We initially invented the self seal belly bands with their peel and seal tabs for the greeting card industry. We have since discovered many other use cases for this type of plastic free packaging, and wish to work with other companies to expand their use cases.

Our bands are biodegradable and recyclable. All our papers come with FSC or PEFC accreditation. The glue we use is vegetable based as are the inks we print with, if you so desire to brand your bands.

We are are not experts in biodegradable plastics and plastic substitutes like starch bags but we can put you in touch with companies that can help you here. Whilst biodegradable solutions are better than cello plastics, they are expensive and do have environmental costs.

plastic free packaging
Paper Bundle Bands – the most environmental freindly solution

Companies we supply and work with

These are some of the companies we are supplying and working with (please let us know if you would like a link to your company added)

The Archivist Gallery
Cath Tate
Cath Tate
Red Back Card
Pigment Productions
Two Bad Mice Publishers
Paper e Clips (Canada)
Red Back Cards
Green Pebble
plastic free packaging
Cath Tate
plastic free packaging