New Ideas

Book Bands

Book bands – a flexible way to add extra information about books and note books

The Little Dog Laughed are the first company to utilise our transparent self-seal bands for notebooks.

Not only are the results stunning, they also demonstrate the utility of this usage: The translucence allows the band to become almost invisible leaving the original product untarnished and looking chic, at the same time as enabling the user to add extra information about the product.

In this case the Little Dog Laughed have added information about the number of pages, artists name. Other usages might include adding texts in another language for foreign markets or temporary promotions – such as 3 for the price of 2 special offers, special pricing and barcodes.

  • Flexibility; Additional targeted information can be temporarily added to a product.
  • The product is untarnished
  • Chic almost invisible appearance
  • Holds the book neatly closed, discouraging customers from flicking through the pages and soiling the product.


Another innovative usage is by The Archivist, an ecologically minded company who replaced the cello-wrapped packing they had previously used to seal their matchboxes with paper bands.

Do you have a new idea to share with us? We are always interested in helping companies finding new ways to use paper to replace plastic packaging.