Card Bands

Card Bands

  • Paper not plastic
  • Inexpensive
  • Smart and Branded with your own marketing information
  • Invisible
  • Super easy to open and almost no packaging to throw away
  • User friendly
Card Bands Plastic Free Packagig

Card bands are shaped translucent strips of paper used to bind envelopes and greeting cards into a single package. The strip across the front of the card is narrower which makes it almost invisible to the eye. On the back of the card the card the strip is wider allowing space for Barcodes and marketing materials.

Options – Vertical or Horizontal?

At first we thought customers should apply card bands horizontally, but we are now getting orders from publishers that want to apply the bands vertically. The advantages of Vertical bands are:

  • The customers can be open and read greetings inside the card
  • The bands do not catch in the racks

Design Rights

Self Seal Belly Bands were the first company to make card bands and we have a design registration and are sole distributors and manufactures for the type of translucent shaped variety of card bands illustrated above.

Non Biodegradable Poly Bags

There will always be a place for poly bags, for instance if your cards have glitter finish or when shops are going to be place the cards on outside racks where they might get exposed to water damage.

Our work is centred on providing green recyclable products and we do not sell cello bags ourselves, however we can put you in touch with a company that has been making cello bags for Two Bad Mice for 35 years

Corn Starch Poly Bags

Customers sometimes ask us if we supply biodegradable bags. We have put up a blog post about corn starch bags

We do not make them, however we can put you in touch with a supplier