Bundle Bands

  • Paper Not Plastic
  • User Friendly
  • Smart
  • Inexpensive
  • Green
Bundle bands Plastic Free packaging

Our first products were bundle bands. These are strips of paper with “peel-and-seal” tabs that are used to bundle greeting cards into packs of 6 or 10. Before the invention of bundle bands most card companies would deliver their packs of cards to shops in plastic bags. Bundle bands are cheaper, more stylish and made of paper.

We find that companies that start using bundle bands instead of plastic bags come back with larger and larger orders.

Off the Shelf Stock

We hold a selection of off the shelf stock which fit most sizes of cards. Thee bands are plain white paper without your company logos

Bespoke Bands

Bespoke bands take a few days to make but look a lot more stylish and can include import information like number of cards in each pack, barcodes and your logo. We can print in four colours and with metallic inks